If you are anything like me you like your WordPress site to stand out and be able to customize every aspect of it. Today we are going to discuss how to easily customize WordPress fonts.  Many premium themes for WordPress have the ability to change fonts from the customizer but some premium themes and most free themes do not. There are many reasons that one might want to customize their fonts. Standard web fonts can get boring and make your page look like all the others. Using customize fonts can make your site memorable and boost engagement. Now be careful not to pick a hard to read script or another kind of font as this will result in people leaving your site without reading your information.

Easily Customize WordPress Fonts

So what do you do when you want to modify the font, text size, or color? You could learn to code and edit the theme files, you could make a child theme and customize it that way or you can follow this post. You can do all the mentioned tasks plus more with a little plugin called easy google fonts. This plugin allows you to modify all text on your site. It is built right into the customizer and is very easy to use.


After installing the plugin go to the customizer on your site and click on typography. From there you will have many options to customize different fonts on your site. You can customize the paragraph font, headings, h2, h3 and so on. Watch the video below to see how to easily customize your WordPress Fonts.



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