Twitter is a powerful tool for your business. It can help customers and clients find you, allow you to engage your audience, help you build authority and much more. Today we are going to talk about how you can actively prospect people using twitter lists. Twitter lists are exactly what it sounds like. It is a list that you create and add people to. This helps you keep people separated you can follow a certain hashtag or trend.


With the help from, you can easily create and add people to list that are tweeting about a certain subject. For instance, if your target market is teachers you can build a list called teachers and have anyone who uses the #teacher added to it so you can see what your market is tweeting about. This helps you get insight about your market and what they are doing. It also gives you a list of potential customers, leads, and prospects. How you ask? Well watch the video below on how to set up twitter lists and automate it with

Automate Twitter lists


As you can see in the video you can do many things with twitter lists. Start using lists today to help engage, build relationships and rapport with your target market. I hope you found this post and video useful if so please make sure to leave a comment and share on social media.


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