Lcfaulkner Podcast Show Notes

Today we have a great show in store for you. I am with Zach Loescher from Zach is a Trainer, Marketer and Content creation beast. In this episode, we talk about creating content focusing on your target market and how content creation helps generate leads. Just get out there and do it, that is the theme for this show. Don’t be afraid to put your content out there someone wants to hear what you have to say.  If you like the episode please make sure to subscribe to podcasts, share and leave a comment.



Are you generating enough leads for your business? If not let me show you the tool that both Zach and I use to help use generate leads and boost our conversion. Watch the free video below to learn how.

Lance Faulkner
My name is Lance I am a father to 4 awesome kids, Internet Marketer, Blogger, and Podcaster. I like to write about internet marketing, technology and much more.