With so many live streaming services out there now a day’s, it can be hard to choose a platform that will work best for you and your business. To determine which platform is best for you to use is up to you to decide what your niche is and how to target your audience. If you already have a huge following on Facebook, then Facebook live is the way to go. If you don’t have a following yet and you need to get your content out there I would recommend a different platform that users are able to look for current live streams. As of now the only people that can see your live streams on Facebook are your friends, people who have liked your page or people that have already subscribed to your broadcasts. Facebook is rumored to be working on a way for people to browse live streams even if they aren’t already connected with you.  Once that happens it will be a game changer and be the only platform to use.


For now, though you may want to look at different options to start building an audience.  Let’s take a look at some live streaming services.

Live Streaming Services

Facebook Live – Great streaming platform with many users and is constantly being updated. Facebook has over 1 billion active users and is the largest Social Media platform in the world. The downside for right now at least is that there is no way to search broadcasts making it harder for people who aren’t already connected to you to find you.


YouTube – YouTube is, of course, king when it comes to people looking for information in video format. YouTube has a huge user base and is actually the second largest platform used to search for information. YouTube at this time doesn’t offer a way for users to stream from a mobile device. Some of the perks of YouTube streaming is that you can add a funds card and people can pay you right from the stream, so it is easily monetized. YouTube has a big audience and you can build a following fairly quickly if you present good content.

Periscope – I have a love / hate relationship with Periscope. I always have good engagement when broadcasting on there, but I always get a lot of trolls as well. Some of the features that I like about periscope are that you are able to search for live streams or browse on a globe for people that are live. If you can get past the trolls and don’t let them bother you it can be a great platform to stream with.


Blab – If you haven’t heard of it Blab.im is a platform to live stream up to 4 people at once on a specific stream. I love Blab both to share content and to consume it. It is by far the best way to engage with your audience as they can come live and ask questions or ask in the search box. Another feature that I love about Blab is that you can broadcast from your mobile or from a computer. If you haven’t already seen it make sure to check out my favorite show on Blab on every Friday at 9:30 PM EST hosted by Jelena Ostrovska from JelenaOstrovska.com The show is called Freestyle Marketing Mayhem you can check it out here.


Busker – Busker is a new service that allows you to stream from your mobile device. It is set up kind of like periscope where you can search live streams and see who is broadcasting. I wouldn’t recommend Busker for people just starting out as the platform doesn’t have as many active users as Periscope, Facebook live, Blab, etc. One really neat feature of Busker is the ability to tip a broadcaster through PayPal if you find their content valuable. I am excited to see where this app goes and if it gains traction.

In my opinion, Periscope is a great choice to get started on and build a following. It is very interactive and easy for people to find you and connect with you. Just don’t let people get under your skin. If you want to host a weekly show I would recommend Blab. Blab is the best platform to have multiple people on your stream and you can also record the show and audio separate making it very easy to upload to YouTube or a podcast if you have one.


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Lance Faulkner
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