Making money with your niche blog is why most people start a blog.  It begins with the hope that they can one day make money from it. People can earn full time income blogging and creating content online all it takes is consistency, good content and the right tools to get started. Don’t expect to quit your day job as soon as you register your domain name for your blog. You need to create good content that serves your niche and brings value to the community.

Once you get started and have your blog set up and have a few posts published it is time to start thinking about how you want to drive traffic to your site that is relevant to your sites theme. A great community to start posting you blog posts in is Reddit. Reddit has a place for every niche imaginable. Don’t start spamming your links on Reddit as this is against their rules and can end up in people boycotting your blog or get your account deleted. Reddit is based on community and you should engage your market on there and comment on others peoples posts etc. Read their guidelines before posting your links. Here is an article I wrote on how to drive traffic to your site from Reddit.

There are other great ways of driving targeted quality traffic to your site. You can post on social media, forums, etc.  Once you start getting the traffic and building a “tribe” or following you can start making money with your niche blog.To start generating revenue you need to think about how you want to do so. There are many ways, you can use multiple ways to generate revenue from your site. Here are a few ways that have worked for me.


Building an email list – Building an email list is the single most important thing you can do start making money from your niche blog. Having an email list is crucial because it allows you to send information to your following with a click of a button. Once you have built your list and started building a relationship with the people on the list you can then start to send affiliate links and other offers helping you generate income.

Making Money With Your Niche Blog

Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is another great way to make money from your site. Affiliate marketing in a nut shell is offering products and services from another retailer like amazon, eBay, etc. It is normally free to sign up for a company’s affiliate program so there is no cost to you and you don’t need to have your own products so, no overhead or inventory is needed. Google affiliate services that are relevant to your niche to find products that will be easy to sell on your blog.

Pay per click ads – Google AdSense is an example of pay per click ads. You sign up for their program get a code and put it on your blog and it will show ads usually relevant to the content on your blog.  Pay Per Click can be a great way to add an extra income stream on your site but, I wouldn’t recommend it as your primary income source as it requires a lot of unique traffic and a lot of clicks on ads to make any money.

Paid advertisements – Once you have a huge following and a lot of daily visitors to your site people from other sites may want to pay you to put ads on your site. I personally don’t like this way of generating income as it sends traffic to other sites. It can be very profitable and you can control what you put on your site and how much to charge so, in that aspect it is nice.

Paid membership – Paid memberships if done right can generate a lot of money for your blog. You can offer a paid area that you put content just for paid members, offer courses, videos etc.

These are just a few examples to start making money with your niche blog. I personally would start with an email list and an affiliate marketing service. I use get response to build my email list. I find it the best service I have tried so far.


Well that’s it for this post.  I hope you found it valuable. If you would like to learn how to make money online and the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, click here and sign up for free today.


Lance Faulkner
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