When it comes to marketing strategies there are a plethora of choices. It can honestly be overwhelming for beginning marketers and veteran marketers alike. It seems that every day there is a new social media platform launching and us as internet marketers automatically jump to it to see how it can be useful for our business. Social media alone is many different marketing strategies. Not to mention blogging, podcasting, video creation, etc.

If you try to do all of these strategies at once you will burn out, not get the results you are looking for and

most likely end up quitting. Have you ever heard the saying “I’m a jack of all trades master of none?” That is not what you want when it comes to marketing your business, especially online. You need to be the master of your strategies and content.

Learn one strategy at a time. If you want to go into social media, first pick one platform to build a following generate leads and then move on. Facebook has more users than the population of the United States. There are plenty of people and leads to go around. I would recommend starting with Facebook. Build up your audience, become a leader in your target market, provide value and the leads will start to come in on autopilot.

Once you have built your audience and following on Facebook you can then move to another platform, only, this time, it will be easier because you already have a following! You can make a simple post on Facebook about your Twitter account or whatever your choice is next and automatically people will start following you there. Master that one and so on.

I also recommend that you have a blog to start with. Even if you don’t use that as your main strategy, you need a home on the internet so people can find you and your business. Keep in mind that there are only two things you own on the internet, one is your blog and the other is your mailing list. Social media accounts can get taken down and deleted and you have no control over if they change their terms of service and you are in violation etc.

You own your blog and content and that can never be taken away. So don’t spread yourself too thin. Start your blog, and master one strategy at a time. Become the leader your market comes to for advice.

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Lance Faulkner
My name is Lance I am a father to 4 awesome kids, Internet Marketer, Blogger, and Podcaster. I like to write about internet marketing, technology and much more.