Social media is everywhere and is ever evolving. It can be a great tool to help boost your business and make you an authority in your market if you use it right. There has been a lot of changes in social media this week some of it can be very useful to your business. Let’s take a look at some of the new in social media this week.

New in Social Media

Facebook –        New in social media

Facebook has had a few minor updates this week to some of its services. They launched Discover for groups making it much easier
to find groups that may be of interest to you. Groups can be a great way to connect with like-minded people and build relationships. Facebook has also partnered with a studio and will be launching a morning show on Facebook live. While I am not too excited about the live show, I am excited as to what this means for the future of live and what it means for programming and content creators.

Facebook live training

Amazon –

Very exciting news from Amazon. They have launched Amazon Video Direct service. This is a direct competitor to YouTube. They are offering great ways for content creators to monetize their work. You can make money from revenue sharing from prime members, through subscriptions to your channel, rentals, purchases and through ads. I am excited to get on board with this new service and start uploading content. You can sign up for Amazon video direct here.


YouTube –

YouTube is launching a messenger service to make it easier for their users to share videos with each other without leaving their platform. It will be interesting to see what they bring to the table. More information about YouTube messenger can be found here.



As I am sure you are already aware Instagram updated the look and feel of their apps this week. I have heard many people saying they hate the new look; I personally love it. I think it brings a fresh redesign and is more pleasant to look at. Other than the look not much else has changed except that you can now add 60-second videos to your feed which is a pretty big deal. What do you think of Instagram’s new look?

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Periscope –

Periscope has updated their service with the ability to search for specific broadcasts and also the ability to do live streams from drones. I am not sure that I will be running out to buy a drone now, but for people who do traveling videos or landscape videos, this is a big deal.


Pinterest is now allowing people to pin affiliate links. This is huge for Affiliate Marketers as many people look at Pinterest for DIY projects, recipes and much more. They can now buy your affiliate products right from the app.


So those are the highlights from this week of what is new in social media. Thanks for reading.

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