How many of you have seen ads online or people trying to recruit you and all they show is the money, cars, house, arm candy and more? It makes it look appealing right? Hell, it looks appealing me to me and I know what it takes to start an online business. I am here today to talk about the truth of starting an online business. Is it possible to have all things mentioned above? Absolutely it is, but it’s going to take hard work, dedication, and persistence. If you think that you’re going to sign up for some magic system that takes all the work out of owning an online business and just sit back and get rich; I have news for you, that isn’t going to happen. Don’t buy into people or companies telling you “Earn $1000.00 a day while sitting on your couch watching TV.” Everybody wants the lifestyle of working from wherever there is an internet connection, but not everyone is ready to do what it takes.

Here is the truth to starting an online business. It takes loads of work, hours, stress, and anything else you can think of. Success is achievable and you can live that free lifestyle of being able to do whatever whenever, but it’s not going to happen overnight. Plan on working 12-14 hour days and if you have a daytime job when first starting out, plan on working even longer days. This time is not strictly sitting in front of your computer. It’s a mixture of things. Getting to know people in your field, networking, advertising, phone calls, etc. It can be a long and daunting task. Get used to hearing the words no, not right now, I’ll look into, but most of all don’t let those words make you lose motivation and momentum. Use those words to fuel your fire because trust me when you get that yes it is a feeling like no other.

Starting an Online Business

You have to build your brand. This doesn’t mean your product, service or company. You are your brand.  You need to build you up. Attend trainings, meet-ups, webinars and never stop learning. Invest in yourself, become an authority in your market and that is when the success will really start. You see many people in online business just focus on the end result of money and income. Yes, that is a huge part of why people start businesses right? To make money? Of course, it is, but if you are just focused on that then you will never get there. You need to be focused on the value that you are providing to your customers in your market.

If you are just focused on the sale and what you can do for yourself to get ahead, people will see right through you and not trust you or want to do business with you. If you focus on building a relationship with people and adding value, you will have long term success. Even if someone doesn’t buy your product or service at first, they will remember you when they are ready and not go with someone else. I personally have had people say no to me and then 3,6 even 12 months later contact me because they trust me and I built that relationship with them.

I don’t mean to sound like starting an online business isn’t worth it at all. It totally and completely is. If you can get through the work that it takes to start building your brand, then you are set. Continue to learn, grow, and provide value and you will see the results and have the lifestyle you want. The most important tip I can give you is to have thick skin. Your friends and family might tell you what you are doing is pointless and you will get rejected many times. But stay persistent and keep going when times get rough and you will prosper. That’s just some of the truth of starting an online business. You will find your own as you go as well.

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