Using Snapchat to build engagement with your following at first can seem like a very hard task. Snapchat has no way of discovering new people built-in to the app. You need to use 3rd party services like ghost codes to share your account. So at first, I thought to myself there is no way this tool is going to be useful in marketing and branding myself. I figured, hey how can I get any real engagement if no one can find me unless they already had my username or Snapcode.? It seemed like a tool for kids to share pictures with each other with no evidence left behind since you can set the amount of time a picture is shown for unless the recipient took a screenshot. Then Snapchat added Snapcash where you can send money to people through the app. At this point, I thought for sure this tool is only going to be good for adult models that wanted to sell pictures through Snapchat to their clients, but I made a profile and gave it a try and I am happy I did.


I was late to jump on the  Snapchat bandwagon. At first, I only used Snapchat to send little updates here and there to the few (I think 10) followers at the time. And then something happened one of my followers liked what I put out and shared my code with his followers and literally overnight I went from around 10 followers to close to 500. I get more adds every day now from people sharing my Snapcode. I’m in shock at the number of views I now get.  It is insane, but even more importantly the engagement from the community is even better. People sending me messages and videos, taking the time to talk to me and see what I am about. I personally have never seen one of my profiles grow so quickly and have so much engagement. So what I am saying here is that you should defiantly be using Snapchat as a tool to help brand yourself and build your business. Even if you just send a few snaps a day it may gain the attention of someone who has a lot of followers and they’ll share your Snapcode. Also to help you gain more adds on Snapchat download your Snapcode to your phone and send it out on all of your other social medias. This will help you build a following as well.

Using Snapchat To Build Engagement

When using Snapchat you can’t be 100% business all the time. That is what is so great from this community. Your followers want lcfsnapcodeto see your life and what you do throughout the day. You need to show them different things to keep them interested and watching your stories. If you just pitch pitch pitch you will most certainly lose followers. Play games, request for your followers to snap you back something they are doing, etc. Just like in anything else you need to build a relationship with your following. I personally send snaps of my kids playing or using different snap filters and I also do a daily guess that face game. No one wins anything but it is fun for my followers and I get a bunch of engagement . Most of the time that engagement turns into them asking what I do! And I didn’t even have to pitch them or mention any services.


That is why I now use Snapchat daily, multiple times a day. I have met some really awesome people on there and have built great relationships. Tell Me what you think in the comments below.  Are you using Snapchat to build engagement? If so, how has it helped your business or marketing?


Make sure to add me on Snapchat Username is LanceFaulkner or you scan the code above right in the Snapchat app.


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